The Exciting Story Behind Wedding Piano Music

Just why has wedding piano music now been the medium of choice for so many musicians?

Seriously, wedding pianists are making more and more of a name for themselves as the cost of organizing marriages increases in troubled economic times. While many people still desire their marriage ceremony to be made up of an orchestra of string players, singers and an organist, in order to play the rich selection of music that accompanies such an event, many people are happy just to have a quality pianist who can play it all on a grand piano or even electric piano.

A good pianist who specializes in wedding piano music has learned just about all models of this genre through jazz, pop, through classical music. Together with your ideas, they can create an exciting marriage ceremony, social gatherings and receptions. This is a good style of music to add to your knowledge base for anyone who wants to learn piano.

Most free wedding sheet music will probably be in PDF format requiring Acrobat Reader (a free program), but I’ve noticed that some Catholic wedding songs can also be in Scorch format which will require a program called Sibelius, which is a new music make up computer software program. When you search at no cost wedding ceremony bed sheet music, go ahead and also hear pieces you do not understand.

Wedding Music Samples

Listen to Wedding music using the clips below:

Clothes may make the Man, but its Music that makes the Wedding

A successful marriage ceremony is so much dependent on its music just as the bride’s attire, or the selection of food, or the nostalgic location of the event. The choice of wedding piano music must be established by personal tastes, and take into consideration the atmosphere, duration, and type of visitors attending. The practical factor of wedding ceremony music is it’s uncanny ability fill in empty gaps in the schedule – in between critical events of the ceremony.

For instance, between the true ceremony, speeches etc. In addition, it will help to set the appropriate mood and atmosphere. Often the friends of the groom or the bride know family members or a good friend who can supply the music. If not, the marriage ceremony coordinator are going to be delighted to offer names of competent pianists/organists. You can then either supply them with the appropriate wedding piano music, or just give them a list of the songs/pieces you require and they will already have the music with them.

I remember at my wedding, that the organist already have popular ‘hits’ like Ave Maria, but I wanted a fancy piece by Villa-Lobos entitled Bacchanales brésiliennes No. 5, which I purchased and supplied.

Yikes! I just can’t make a decision…who knew getting married was so much work!

As talked in an earlier article, the guests can also have an influence in deciding on the type of wedding ceremony music to use. But the key aspect that must be used in selecting the very best wedding songs, will be the bride/groom’s own consideration.

After you listen to wedding music – lots of it – using the internet, you’ll often find that the 1st choice is the best to make; it is inevitably that song that immediately touches you deeply which will guide you in the right direction and help you decide whether you want your wedding ceremony music to get classical and traditional using famous Catholic wedding songs or lesser-known but one of a kind.

Wedding Music Split up In Two

Wedding piano music primarily has two features — useful and aesthetic. For functionality, it gives you “sound space” and “fill time” and sets up the mood of the ceremony. It may also be processional, in accompanying the bridal procession, and can help to break up the “talk” portions of a ceremony. Marriage ceremony music, be it traditional or modern, creates an ambiance of elegance and graces the occasion. Wedding piano music played on whatever instrument should always evoke a sense of intimacy and coziness amid each of the folks present in the ceremony.

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