In The Ending Of The Year

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The Year-Ending summaries give a better understanding performance by including the seasonal performance. For example, a sales figure for “Year Ending July 2006” would include the holiday sales from December 2005, while extrapolating from a July Year-To-Date sales figure would underestimate annual sales.

In contrast to Year-on-Year or Year Over Year figures, which compare similar periods during other years, (for example December 2004 to December 2005), Year-ending is less volatile and are directly comparable to annual figures.

How to Learn The Piano Part

Learning chords need to be on the top priority list for budding soloists of the pop-piano music variety. Print out a list of harmonies to keep as reference next to your piano or perhaps invest in a program specifically made to teach your harmonies and nothing else. Our web page has some excellent information about harmonies you are able to use immediately to complement your practice of pop-piano music.

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