Banana Man (jamaica)

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Evan Jones (born 1927, Portland, Jamaica) is a poet, playwright and screenwriter based in Britain. He was educated in Jamaica, the United States and England. Jones taught at schools in the United States before moving to England in 1956 and beginning a career as a writer.He wrote the scripts for the feature films King & Country, Modesty Blaise, Funeral in Berlin, and several television plays.

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Virtually anyone can learn the best way to practice common keyboard music, you just have to understand the keys of the piano and the best way to swiftly locate each one either by visual memory or even through reading piano music notes. Studying to read music, is like learning words – it gives you the tools to survive the music world. One can also begin to comprehend chords faster as you`ll recognize the music notes quicker, and give you a head-start with any keyboard teaching method. By practicing each day you develop super working habits meant to build and build upon each and every new concept you study.

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