Bart Howard

Bart Howard (June 1, 1915 — February 2-1, 2004), produced Howard Joseph Gustafson , was the composer and author of the well-known jazz regular Fly Me To The Moon, which has been done by vocalists (amongst others) Bobby Womack , Frank Sinatra , Tony Bennett , Ella Fitzgerald , Nancy Wilson , Della Reese , Diana Krall , June Christy and Astrud Gilberto. It can also be played often by jazz and well-known musicians around the world.

Howard came to be in Burlington, Iowa He started his job as an accompanist at the time of 16 and played for Mabel Mercer [Read more…]

Fly me to the moon – Bart Howard

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“Fly Me to the Moon “, originally titled ” In Other Words “, is a popular song written in 1954 by Bart Howard which has become a frequently recorded jazz standard often featured in popular culture.

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