A Star Wars – Special Report

The Star Wars movie series is definitely the most renowned and loved motion picture, even if it only attracts a ‘specific’ kind of audience. It truly is certainly one of probably the most wonderful and highly sound motion pictures, in terms of graphics and technological know-how. Just think how many youngsters out there love it for its 3D effects and remarkable personalities and would love to learn piano only to play the piano music soundtrack. It truly is in fact a film that centers all around epic heroism and rivalry as well as violence and warfare. Interestingly, much of the philosophy around the workings of the plot has so much to do with Buddhists; Even Lucas himself has publicly declared that Star Wars had been seriously influenced by this Eastern religion.

Now let’s move on to the inner-workings of star wars piano music, and how to emulate those often dense orchestral textures on the piano.

How to learn the piano part of the main theme

Star Wars Sheet Music
The easy to intermediate version of this piano sheet music, employs triads together with the melody in the right hand, with a simple one note bass line, highly syncopated to get that unique sense of rhythm. More advanced players taking advanced piano lessons can improvise with a fuller left hand and be far more experimental with imitating all the percussive effects used in the original orchestral score.


Printable Star Wars Piano Music Themes

Here are a few of the most popular Star Wars sheet music themes which you can easily download online and print. You can also make your own free Star Wars sheet music using this special notation software.

    • Stars Wars (Main Title)
    • The Imperial March
    • Duel of the Fates
    • Across the Stars
    • The Arena
    • The Meadow Picnic
    • The Throne Room
    • May the Force Be With You
    • Cantina Band
    • Yoda’s Theme
    • Ewok Celebration
    • Luke & Leia
    • Anakin’s Theme
    • Jar Jar’s Introduction
    • Qui-Gon’s Funeral


The Secret Behind Star Wars Piano Music

Well, here’s one just one person had to say…

“It appears to to me that when I hear Star Wars music, I get a sense of satisfaction…these raw feelings and emotions which ignite my creativeness.”

With the setting of the film is set in another galaxy, the proper approach of learning Star Wars piano music has to do with linking the characters of the movie with their corresponding special ‘music theme’ or ‘music motive’.

Star Wars sheet music
So ask yourself, precisely what instruments do you hear when you listen to Star Wars music? (trumpets, drums, cymbals, flutes, violins) Every type of instrument is actually used effectively in the score by a corresponding section of the orchestra, be it brass, woodwinds, percussion or strings. John Williams always used distinct instruments to depict his characters, which included strings for Yoda, flutes and other woodwinds for Luke and Leia, and trumpets or other brass for the evilest of all villains – Darth Vader – as well as a wealth of dissonant special effects. FYI: He made use of a similar strategy in Harry Potter movies.

So when studying how to play star wars piano music, get to know the characters really, really well, so that you can understand the correct mood and dynamics of the sheet music. Just listen to how well Darth Vader is portrayed among the creepy-crawling semitones and how the minor steps arouse a highly sinister mood. Being able to do this well is some of the piano practice you can get – any piano teacher would agree!

On final note

Star Wars may possibly be probably the most well-known movie series of all time, and that alone packs an enormous punch. As of the year 2008, the general box office income has totaled somewhere around $4.41 billion, which makes it the third-highest-grossing film series, followed only by the Harry Potter and James Bond films. As you can guess, John Williams has authored a lot of movie scores – in reality he has published far more than 100 movie scores, including some of the greatest blockbuster motion pictures of all time: Jaws, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, the Indiana Jones Trilogy, etc.

Through laser blasts, futuristic engines, unique character voices, and elaborate music, John Williams has created an extraordinary brand of quality film music. Star Wars piano music is some of the most popular music that aspiring young musicians love to learn.

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