Finding Quality Soundtrack Piano Music Transcriptions Online

Anybody can now take advantage of the wide selection of soundtrack piano music that the world wide web offers. Piano music is readily available for performing with other instrumentalists, or perhaps a singer, in jazzy arrangements and a great deal more. Online music databases may also help you find your particular movie whether it is from an old black and white film or from a modern Disney movie.

Today it is possible to get millions upon millions of pieces of sheet music as a result of the web. From experts to somebody that needs a small extra practice, the web may help find keyboard sheet music for virtually anyone. Each and every kind of music is usually found on the internet and each and every type of musician can get absolutely free sheet music on-line.

Example of Soundtracks Easily Transcribed for Piano

Some movies already use a known song or classical composition and simply dub it into the soundtrack. Examples include Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” used in Shrek to symbolize the love affair between Shrek and Princess Fiona, or Frederic Chopin’s Ballade in G minor, Op. 23 in the movie “Pianist” as a symbol of the epic journey of survival by the protagonist.

Most soundtrack piano music is actually quite easy to perform for the piano as it is usually made up of simple prolonged chords and some kind of a basic melody on top. In music theory, we call this homophonic texture and a lot of Disney sheet music makes extensive use of this.

In a nutshell, you should:

Grasp the bass line to have a firm foundation on which you may then position the melody and accompaniment. Have fun playing the tune of the song slowly and gradually and insert a good chord on just about every first beat choosing whatever hands which are left over. Your left-hand can begin to play a single note of the bass range, while the RH can undertake the melodic section – then integrate the harmony from time to time making use of whatever hand is easiest.

More examples of soundtrack piano music

Almost every major song from every major movie has a piano transcription available for your performing pleasure. For example, you can download “There You’ll Be” used in Pearl Harbor as printable piano sheet music, or if you have a good grip of piano chords, you can just learn it from a set of free piano tabs found anywhere online. Other examples of this include, “The Circle Of Life” used in the Lion King or “Dawn” used in the movie Pride & Prejudice, which is also a great exercise in rhythm – forcing you to play two against three.

This is just a small introduction into the thousands of piano music soundtracks available online. Many which don’t require you to buy expensive books, or pay huge sums of money for.

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