Looking for Eerie, Creepy, Scary Piano Music? Here are a few suggestions.

Every genre of music has some element of scary piano music. In rock music, think Marilyn Manson, or choose an Alfred Hitchcock movie. But the most varied and impressive, by far, is the classical genre. In fact, if you think about it, many of the compositional techniques of the early 20th century like polytonality and serialism are already scary enough. And then there is the grand piano itself, a very powerful instrument, capable of producing sounds that can match a full orchestra. It can even move and tremble walls with its broad sound, at full force it can cover an orchestra.

While piano music might be observed in so a lot of places like wedding get-togethers, get-togethers, dance clubs, eating places as well as at instrumental live concerts, scary piano music has a world of its own. Why would anybody be looking for scary music might you ask? Well, some people just might have a fetish, others are budding film directors looking for a cool soundtrack, then there are those who are putting on a halloween party and looking for free halloween piano music and finally there are those who just love scary piano music, period.

A few examples of very scary piano music

Let’s begin with JS Bach and his Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565, which was actually written for organ but easily transcribed (using the exact same notes for piano). Commonly referred to as Dracula’s theme, it’s introduction is very scary with its unsettling pauses and nervous character.

Onto the Franz’s…

Moving on to the 19th century, we have a few more masterpieces such as Franz Schubert‘s nightmarish song “The Erlking” who steals kids in the night, or the virtuosic number by Franz Liszt – Danse Macabre with a head banging series of fifths in the bass and a whirlwind of chaos all throughout.

Onto Austria and the World Wars…

The 20th century has so much scary piano music, that it’s hard to know where to begin. Sometimes an economy of notes can be more frightening than a flashy display of fireworks in the piano. If you’ve seen the movie “Eyes Wide Shut” you’ll know what I mean. The freaky ceremonial scene incorporated the 2nd movement of the Austrian composer’s Gyorgy Ligeti‘s “Musica Ricercata” suite. Because everyone in the movie is also dressed in masks, it makes ideal halloween piano music for any scary party you may have in mind. Most works by the also also Austrian composer Anton Webern use a minimal amount of notes to convey absolute terror, although one wonders if they were really meant to being written in serial fashion. Try his “Piano Variations” for a deeply chilling effect.

And Going Further East…

How can we not include Russian composers into this mix. Every Russian pianist has studied S. Prokofiev’s “Devilish Inspiration” with its jumping dissonances and ferocious climax. What about the Armenina composer’s A. Khatchaturian’s “Sabre Dance”? It’s scary enough to watch any pianist who has managed to transcribe it into piano, since the original version is written for orchestra.

Do send us more of your suggestions of scary piano music, so that we can make the web’s biggest list!

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