How To Read Piano Notes Like a Whiz Kid – Day 2

The good news is that every Tom, Dick and Harry is able to learn how to read piano notes easily and efficiently. Anyone is able to depress a key on the piano that corresponds to the letter of a music note. And anyone with a desire to learn piano will have to get through this as painlessly as possible.

The bad news, is that there are 88 notes on the piano and only 7 letters to name them all which is why we need special piano classes dedicated to the art of learning how to read piano notes efficiently.

Every aspiring beginner usually starts his piano lessons with various teaching methods on how to read the piano notes. The piano keys are made of white and black keys. Many songs use a combination of white and black keys, although there are some like Chopsticks that make use of only the black keys. Your first piano lesson of the day is to identify Middle C located roughly in the middle of the keyboard.

keyboard notes Read Piano Notes

Visualize and Read Piano Notes Using the Power of Your Mind

Identifying piano notes should be an ongoing activity in your sleep, during driving or while exercising. Maintain the image of a piano keyboard within your thoughts throughout the day to master all the piano notes of a keyboard.

few piano notes1 150x150 Read Piano Notes One way to speed up your learning of piano notes is to assign visual images to each note. For example, since ‘D’ is located between two black keys, imagine a Deer inside every set of 2 black keys with its two antlers sticking out (the antler representing the two black keys). Since ‘F’ is right before three black keys, imagine a Fig tree or some other crazy image starting with the letter F growing out of it. The more ridiculous your imagery, the better you’ll remember it. Try it: Find something unique for each key. Although some people will find it enough to do only 3 piano keys, as it is easy to count up or down one step from there.

Your next piano lesson of the day is now to practice picturing a keyboard in your imagination and begin identifying every note. Keep memorizing the notes until they become second nature. Play each note or music phrase repeatedly to engage in an activity known as ‘practice’ and you will be master in knowing how to read piano notes in no time.

Learning notes this way quickly makes them second nature.

On a side note – a word about what’s coming in day 5 – chords!!

For example, to create a chord you need 3 notes. For example, to make the F major chord you need the notes F,A,C. To learn some simple songs, you just have to gain knowledge of a few chords such as C major, F major and G major – it’s amazing how much basic piano melodies use only these three chords. The more difficult chords are just extensions of the basic ones.

If you’re anxious to learn about chords, visit our section on piano chords for more help on learning them. Although keep in mind, that to get the most out of this course, you should wait until Day 4 to start your adventures with piano chords.

It’s simple really. Get your hand position hovering over five notes of the piano and practice naming them out loud.

Day 2|Part 2- Next step: Learn about the piano keyboard, choosing an instrument and more.

Day 2|Part 3 – More information about the piano keys or specific details about piano key notes

Also read more information about piano notes and keys.

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