When You Re Mad (Neyo)

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What I get from the song is the playfulness. Yes it’s true that it is somewhat ethically and morally questionable to have angry sex. I’m surprised no one has pointed out that this song is offensive because it shows he isn’t really paying attention to what his girl is saying. Let me just say this: IT IS ENTERTAINMENT. Whether it is right or wrong, if it’s good to listen to, people like it. I have personally found all of my girlfriends adorable when they pout, and downright scary when they are in fighting mode. songs don’t always speak the truth. and btw, this is hardly rap. if you can’t handle this, I wonder what you’d do if you heard REAL rap. try “move b***h” or “sexual eruption”. then you’ll be offended.

How to Learn The Piano Part

Your keyboard teacher may frown upon the idea of teaching popular piano in case these people were very classical training, but don`t worry. Traditional training is nevertheless helpful to learn the numerous specialized mechanics or even the basic building blocks of music which all keyboard instructors have (hopefully) mastered. There’s still much value in understanding the structure and bare bone features of classical music concept when learning popular piano.

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