Kissing You (Total)

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Total is the self-titled debut album from the R&B trio Total. The album reached its peak at #23 on the US Billboard 200, went platinum and spawned the hit singles “Can’t You See” (US #13), “No One Else” (US #22), “Kissin’ You” (US #12/UK #29) & “Do You Think About Us/When Boy Meets Girl” (US #61/#50).

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The way to speedily study how you can practice popular piano music is always to really know your musical instrument, how the individual keys work, exactly where the pedals are, and precisely where the keys are. Studying to read music is a skill you will have to develop eventually either to read tabs or even sheet music, and can greatly help you prepare more strongly for performances. It also helps you to fully grasp fundamental chords should you go on to getting an online piano training course or even a keyboard educator. Practice everyday so you are able to learn about off of what you rehearsed the previous day.

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