Jar Of Hearts (Christina Perri)

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” Jar of Hearts ” is the debut single by American singer-songwriter Christina Perri. The song was released onto iTunes July 27, 2010, a week after its debut on So You Think You Can Dance. The song was included on Perri’s debut EP, The Ocean Way Sessions, and appeared on Perri’s debut album, Lovestrong.The song was co-written by Christina Perri, Drew Lawrence, and Barrett Yeretsian. Perri drew inspiration for the song from a real-life experience with a love interest who wanted to rekindle a broken relationship. After its debut, the song was released onto iTunes where it later rose to the Top 20 spot in one week.Perri was unsigned at the time of the song release, which created a lot of discussion between critics who favored the song. The song charted on multiple charts in both the United States and Canada at numbers 17 and 21 respectively. The song sold a total of 47,500 downloads in its opening week. The song has sold 3.3 million digital copies in the US.In the 2011 it was released in the UK and peaked at number 4 in the Singles Chart, and spent over 16 weeks in the Top 40 and an a impressive 48 weeks in the Top 100, it was later certified Platinum after selling 600,000 copies, more than some high charting hits that year. It received a decent amount of airplay including on BBC Radio 2 ;In 2011, it was the 11th best selling single in the United Kingdom.

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