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Now I’m not a lawyer so don’t take my advice without first consulting one, but I do believe that a large part of the printable classical sheet music that has been downloaded from most internet sites out there usually has expired copyright. All original classical music works by pre-20th 100 years composers including Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, etc. are most likely in the public domain now, according to the United States Copyright Law. You are able to do literally anything you want with a piece of music that enters public domain as its copyright protection has expired.

However, that being said, sometimes publishers and editors will copyright their own version of a particular work. This kind of music is usually far better quality and may not always be in printable, downloadable format. By better quality, we mean it is probably cleaner, easier to read, more true to the composer’s autographed manuscript, has better fingerings, better or more authentic pedalling and may even be on higher quality paper which makes your printable version look like it was “Made in China” in comparison.

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Ah! All those benefits…where to begin?

It doesn`t matter regardless of whether you aspire to be a solitary pianist, work in a band or even anything else involved with music, you will eventually need a source or perhaps sources from which you’ll be able to gain a steady supply of sheet music, whether it be free or paid. Each and every musician around in the world today can benefit from the large selection of piano written music situated on the web. Sometimes free printable classical sheet music is just what you need when you want a piece of music FAST and can live with its inherent inaccuracies. However, we recommend you use an Urtext version when you have a serious concert ahead.

The bad news is that due to the fact that so much is available online these days, books have become very, very expensive. Often a good quality score may even have to be imported from Europe, meaning several weeks of waiting time. You will have to judge your particular situation to see which method will suffice.

There’s more…

Printable Classical Sheet MusicSheet music downloaded from cyberspace is extremely convenient to use as it can be quickly printed out. When you need to purchase hard copies of sheet music, you will find it much cheaper to go with American companies such as Schirmer although their quality many not be as good for the reason that high quality editions of German companies like Henle. Although a company like Dover has made excellent editions available at a great price. Search through our webpage for your favourite piano music, and you really are bound to run accross some more clever ways to get not-bad quality sheet music for FREE.

We think the situation will get better and better with time

The net has improved people`s access to quality and cost-free sheet music and perhaps leading companies will start offering their high quality scores in downloadable formats in the future, for a better rate than buying the book. Contemporary ways of getting sheet music for example through the use of PDF files, image tracks and other cool formats have dramatically replaced the old standard way of getting the published book from the shop. Lets’ face it – it`s awesome to get a hold of printable music and then commence performing it right away!

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