You Don’t Know Me (Michael Buble)

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“You Don’t Know Me ” is a song written by Cindy Walker based on a title and storyline given to her by Eddy Arnold in 1955. In his book Eddy Arnold: Pioneer of the Nashville Sound, author Michael Streissguth describes how the song came to be.Cindy Walker, who had supplied Eddy with _Take Me in Your Arms and Hold Me_ (a number one country record in 1949 and Eddy_s first Cindy Walker release), recalled discussing the idea for _You Don_t Know Me_ with Eddy as she was leaving one of Nashville_s annual disc-jockey conventions. _I went up to the Victor suite to tell Steve Sholes good-bye,_ she explained, _and just as I was leaving, Eddy came in the door._;Walker remembered him saying, _I got a song title for you… _You Don_t Know Me.__;_But I know you,_ teased Walker._This is serious, replied Eddy, who proceeded to outline his idea.

The songwriter promised to let the idea stew in her head for a while. And soon, she remembered, the lyrics tumbled onto the page. _The song just started singing. It sort of wrote itself…_;You Don’t Know Me” was first recorded by Arnold that year and released as a single on April 21, 1956 on RCA Victor. The first version of the song to make the Billboard charts was by Jerry Vale in 1956, peaking at #14 on the pop chart. Arnold’s version charted two months later, released as an RCA Victor single, 47-6502, backed with “The Rockin’ Mockin’ Bird”, which reached #10 on the Billboard country chart.

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