Welcome To My Life (Simple Plan)

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The song’s intention is to express teenage angst about life becoming so frustrating that no one can understand how awful it is for them. In the music video, a traffic jam is seen and scenes are shown in which passengers deal with dysfunctional families and how the families’ dysfunction affects their lives. At the end of the video, a few of the people in the traffic jam get out of their cars and begin to walk down the road. The video received some criticism for being similar to R.E.M. ‘s ” Everybody Hurts “. It was shot at the Henry Ford Bridge and the Commodore Schuyler F. Heim Bridge in San Pedro, Los Angeles.

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Rock piano teachers are increasing in numbers today because the demand for having the ability to play pop music has also increased. A greater part of instructors train conventional styles of piano, but you can find lots of who specialize in training you well-known tunes. One of several greatest methods of finding an perfect popular keyboard educator is via a nearby music store or school. Music shops usually post advertisements by many local teachers from a wide range of styles.

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