Wake Up Call (Maroon 5)

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“Wake Up Call ” is the second single by Maroon 5 from their second studio album, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long. It had been rumored as the second single, and the band confirmed this on the May 22 episode of TRL. The band also said that they are excited to do the music video for the song. FMQB confirmed that the single would be released to radio on July 17. It leaked online shortly before May 1, 2007 as part of a four track sampler from It Won’t Be Soon Before Long. They performed the song on 45th at Night, which included a special guest Eve. The remix was never officially recorded. Another remix was with Mary J. Blige making a special guest appearance for this song.Before the release of “Wake Up Call”, the band promoted by performing it a half-step lower. The song was also heard playing in the background in a club scene on the HBO hit, Entourage. The song was BBC Radio 1 playlisted for the playlist week beginning July 18, 2007.It is also featured as downloadable content for Rock Band as of June 25.

How to Learn The Piano Part

Learn each note of the keyboard in the middle register either through visually remembering them, or even by learning to read from written music, this is your first step in understanding how to perform rock piano tunes. Reading music is a primo-valuable skill, as it will give you the confidence to perform a greater selection of music. It also aids you to realize essential harmonies should you go on to getting an online keyboard training course or perhaps a keyboard instructor. Good practice habits including working everyday will assist you to to succeed faster.

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