Wake Me Up Before You Go (Wham)

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Michael’s inspiration for the song was a scribbled note left by his Wham! partner Andrew Ridgeley for Andrew’s parents, originally intended to read “wake me up before you go” but with “up” accidentally written twice, so Ridgeley wrote “go” twice on purpose. Released in May 1984, it heralded the beginning of a softer, sunnier image for Wham!, who had spent the previous year as a moodier, more politically themed duo, with songs about unemployment, young marriage, and battles of will between parents and their children. With the release of “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”, they re-emerged with wider smiles, more colourful clothing, and a more positive disposition in interviews.In 1984, George Michael had this to say on the development of the song;I just wanted to make a really energetic pop record that had all the best elements of Fifties and Sixties records, combined with our attitude and our approach, which is obviously more uptempo and a lot younger than some of those records. It’s one of those tracks that gets rid of a lot of your own personal influences, it reminds me of so many different records that I couldn’t actually nail them down.

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