Turn Me On (Norah Jones)

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“Turn Me On ” is a song by John D. Loudermilk that was first recorded and released by Mark Dinning in 1961, as the B-side to his single “Lonely Island.” Other notable versions are by Nellie Rutherford and Nina Simone. Norah Jones released her version as the last single from her debut album Come Away with Me. The song was also performed by Shelby Dressel during her American Idol audition. It has been suggested that the song influenced the composition of Leonard Cohen’s 1969 song ” Bird on the Wire “.Norah Jones version Jones’s cover was the seventh track on her debut album. This version also appeared in the movie Love Actually and is on its soundtrack.Charts Chart (2004);Peak;position;Canadian Singles Chart;10;French Singles Chart;92

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When you begin piano lessons, there is always the investment of purchasing a new instrument and training method. Save lots of cash purchase purchasing your method books as online material and by getting a keyboard as an alternative to an acoustic musical instrument. The nice thing about studying keyboard is just how much it impresses your close friends and colleagues when one can practice a renowned song.

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