The Sycamore (Scott Joplin)

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In 1894 Joplin arrived in Sedalia, Missouri. At first, Joplin stayed with the family of Arthur Marshall, at the time a 13-year old boy but later one of Joplin’s students and a rag-time composer in his own right. There is no record of Joplin having a permanent residence in the town until 1904, as Joplin was making a living as a touring musician.

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The 1st step to studying pop piano, is to study the notes themselves of the keyboard and when to perform each one. Understanding the way to read music is an exceptional assistance to entertainers at the amateur level and having a touch of music theory as well may help you get well prepared for your next live concert. Recognize chords considerably faster than you would without such knowledge. Make some time each and every day for practice sessions that happen to be going to be imperative if you’re wanting to succeed.

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