The More I See You (Michael Buble)

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“The More I See You” is a popular song written by Harry Warren, with lyrics by Mack Gordon. In 1966, Chris Montez had the most commercially successful and well known version of the song and it is this version that has been used many times in movies, notably at the beginning of the famous club scene in Roman Polanski’s Frantic, starring Harrison Ford. Chris Montez’s version went to number sixteen on the Hot 100 and spent four weeks at number two on the Easy Listening chart.

How to Learn The Piano Part

The biggest ordeal to overcome for a newbie is learning the structure of chords. You can find particular courses out there specializing in recognizing chord schematics and nothing else. The more time you are able to spend learning chords, the improved you`ll be in the position to effortlessly play your favored songs.

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