Sunshine (Keane)

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Keane are known for using a piano (or a synth) as the lead instrument instead of guitars, differentiating them from most other rock bands. The inclusion of a distorted piano effect in 2006 and various synthesisers were a common feature in their music that back then combined the piano rock sound used during their first album and the more electronic sound which developed on the second and third albums. Since the start of their career, the band have sold over 10 million albums worldwide.

How to Learn The Piano Part

An understanding of chords is essential when studying music of the well-known tunes category such as rock and roll and jazz. It is possible to purchase a chords workbook to study on your own time or perhaps take a piano study course that specifically teaches chords. Our web-site has some excellent information about harmonies one can use straight away to supplement your study of pop-piano music.

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