Sultans Of Swing (Dire Straits)

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“Sultans of Swing” was the first single release of the British rock band Dire Straits. Although it was first released in 1978, it was its 1979 re-release that caused it to become a hit in both the UK and USA.The song was first recorded as a demo at Pathway Studios, North London, in July 1977, and quickly acquired a following after it was put on rotation at Radio London. Its popularity soon reached record executives and Dire Straits were offered a contract with Phonogram Records. The song was then re-recorded in early 1978 at Basing Street Studios for the band’s debut album Dire Straits.

The record company wanted a less-polished rock sound for the radio, so an alternative version was recorded at Pathway Studios in April 1978 and released as the single in some countries including the United Kingdom and Germany.The song’s lyrics were written by Mark Knopfler on a rainy day in a bar in Ipswich. Their inspiration came from his witnessing a mediocre jazz band playing in the corner of a practically deserted pub. At the end of their performance, the lead singer came up to the microphone and announced that they were the “Sultans of Swing.”

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Your classical music music teacher may find it difficult to teach you Billy Joel or perhaps Elton John. Classical music is built upon similar principles and so traditional piano study won`t hurt your either. There’s still much value in understanding the structure and bare bone elements of classical music theory when learning common piano.

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