Sacrifice Anouk (Anouk)

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Together Alone is the debut studio album released by Dutch singer Anouk. It was highly successful in the Netherlands and featured three top 30 singles: “Nobody’s Wife”, “It’s So Hard” and “Sacrifice”. The album was produced by Barry Hay and George Kooymans from the Dutch rock band Golden Earring.[br[The rare collectors item (EAN code 8712195760974) includes a second disc with “Nobody’s Wife” remixed, and videos for “Nobody’s Wife” and “Sacrifice”.

How to Learn The Piano Part

Not all keyboard teachers like the idea of instructing you only pop keyboard. Nevertheless, classical music learnt alongside the fun stuff is usually of a huge help in understanding the various parts of piano music. Never underestimate just how much traditional music might help you understand the various parts found in all music like melody, tempo, rhythm, etc.

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