Que Me Quedes (Shakira)

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“Que Me Quedes Tu ” is a soft rock song written and performed by Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira for her 2001 breakthrough English album Laundry Service. She released it as the only promotional single from the album. It was also included on her first Spanish greatest hits album, Grandes Exitos.Que Me Quedes Tu” was written by Shakira and composed by her and longtime friend Luis Fernando Ochoa. It was released as a digital single in December 2002, reaching the number-one spot on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart, becoming very successful throughout the Spanish -speaking market.Format and track listing Digital download;Que Me Quedes Tu” – 4:48;Charts Chart (2002-2003);Peak;position;Spain (PROMUSICAE) ;10;US Hot Latin Songs (Billboard) ;1;US Latin Pop Songs (Billboard) ;1

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