Only Time (Enya)

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“Only Time ” is a song composed and recorded by Irish singer Enya, first released in November 2000. The release of this single coincided with the release of the album A Day Without Rain. In 2001 “Only Time” was released again as a remix. The track was remixed by the Swiss American Federation (S.A.F.) (Christian B. and Marc Dold) with a final remix by Enya’s producer, Nicky Ryan. Enya donated the earnings from the sale of that single to the Uniform Firefighters Association’s Widows’ and Children’s Fund to help the families of fire fighters in the aftermath of 9/11. The song was also featured in the soundtrack of the motion picture Sweet November. To date, “Only Time” is Enya’s biggest solo hit in the United States, where it peaked at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and #1 on the adult contemporary chart.During the summer of 2001, NBC used the song in commercials to promote Friends, which ended its season on a cliffhanger. The exposure helped the song gain familiarity and increased radio play. As a result, the song became Enya’s first top 40 radio hit in 12 years. The song appeared twice on the TV show Viva La Bam where it first appeared in the montage of Bam Margera destroying Don Vito’s cars in “Bamiature Golf” and again in “Where’s Vito?” during a retrospective for Bam’s Hummer after it was thrown off the cliff by Vito. On November 13, 2013, a Volvo Trucks campaign featuring the song and Jean-Claude Van Damme, was launched. The success of the ad caused “Only Time” to re-enter the Billboard Hot 100 at #43, and the UK Singles Chart at #95.

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