Only Hope

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“Only Hope” was sung by Mandy Moore for the film A Walk to Remember (arranged and produced by the film’s composer Mervyn Warren) and is included in her compilation The Best of Mandy Moore, although left out of her 2002 release. It was slated as the second single after “Cry” which, however, was not a hit and consequently “Only Hope” was not released to radio. A music video_largely a dte of the movie_was shot and was released successfully to music channels in Asia. In 2004, German singer Florence Joy covered the song, released on her debut album “Hope”. The character Go Hye Mi (miss A ‘s Suzy) covers this song twice in the Korean drama Dream High.In the film A Walk to Remember Jamie sings to Landon during the school play where they fall in love. The song ends when Landon kisses Jamie. Additionally Switchfoot’s original version was played towards the end of the movie when they got married in the church, transitioning from an orchestral score piece that was influenced by the song and was specifically written to segue into it.

How to Learn The Piano Part

Don`t expect your traditional teacher to teach you only popular music. Nevertheless, traditional music learnt alongside the fun stuff is often of a huge help in understanding the various features of keyboard music. Your having fun with of rock keyboard songs will improve tremendously if you can find the energy and effort to study classical music alongside it.

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