Nine to Five (Dolly Parton)

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” 9 to 5 ” is a song written and originally performed by Dolly Parton for the 1980 comedy film of the same name.The song is featured in a musical theater adaptation of the film, featuring a book by the film’s original writer, Patricia Resnick, and 20 additional songs written by Dolly Parton. 9 to 5 began previews in Los Angeles on September 9, 2008, and played on Broadway at the Marquis Theatre from April until September 2009 before touring. In 2012, a UK theatre tour of “9 to 5” got underway.A few months before Parton’s song and the film, Scottish singer Sheena Easton released a single called “9 to 5″ in the UK. When Easton’s song was released in the U.S. the following year it was renamed ” Morning Train (Nine to Five) ” to avoid confusion. Easton’s single reached the number one spot on Billboards Hot 100 Chart three months after Parton’s song left that spot. While Parton’s song features an empowered (if challenged) working woman, Easton’s song features a passive, love-struck woman waiting around at home all day for her lover to return to her.Although the Parton recording only reached #47 in the UK, it remains a popular song on radio and in nightclubs through Britain and was spliced between ” Independent Women Part 1 ” by Destiny’s Child and ” Eple ” by Royksopp for the Soulwax album As Heard on Radio Soulwax Pt. 2.The song was accompanied by a music video that featured footage of Parton and her band performing, intercut with clips from the film.As early as 1995, a slightly remixed version of the song began appearing on Dolly’s hits compilations, sometimes faded to its original length and sometimes extended to 3:00. In this remixed version, some guitar is louder while background vocals are lower or missing in some places, and in the 3:00 version some of the horns as heard in the film version of the song can be heard towards the end of the track. The 3:00 version of the song is available on “The Essential Dolly Parton” and “Playlist: The Very Best Of Dolly Parton” among others.

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Study each note of the keyboard in the middle register either through visually remembering them, or perhaps by learning to read from sheet music, this is your first step in understanding how you can perform pop piano tunes. Understanding the best way to read music is an exceptional assistance to performing artists at the amateur level and having a touch of music principle as well may help you get well prepared for your next live concert. One can also begin to have an understanding of harmonies faster as you will recognize the tones quicker, and give you a head-start with any piano instructing method. Make some time just about every day for practice sessions that happen to be going to be imperative if you’re wanting to succeed.

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