Never Felt This Way Mcknight (Brian Mcknight)

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Brian McKnight was a Seventh-day Adventist. He grew up attending Emmanuel Temple. He also attended Oakwood University, a Seventh-day Adventist university, in Huntsville, Alabama from 1987_1989. McKnight explains, concerning his musical beginnings in the church:

“I’m the fifth generation of Seventh Day Adventists and the youngest of four brothers. When I was still very small, we formed a gospel quartet. Our models were the great gospel groups, the Swan Silvertones and Mighty Clouds of Joy. The McKnight brothers were serious singers. The reputation went out: these boys could shout. My big brothers_Claude (a part of the gospel group Take 6), Freddie and Michael_man, they were my heroes. Each was a leader in his own right. Outside church, they listened to jazz. Church music thrilled me, but jazz stimulated me.”

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Think of the days right before the world-wide web when people actually had to visit a store to get their common keyboard music tunes. Today, nobody has to even leave their apartment to start playing common keyboard music right away, they just get a hold of it, rock it through their printer and they can begin playing right away. For those, that didn`t like getting music (ahem, students) they usually had to beg a friend or colleague to photocopy it from them.

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