Never Ever (All Saints)

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“Never Ever ” is a song by British girl group All Saints. Written by All Saints member Shaznay Lewis along with co-writers Robert Jazayeri and Sean Mather, and produced by Cameron McVey and Magnus Fiennes, it was released on 17 November 1997 as the second single from their debut album, All Saints (1997). The song later appeared on their compilations All Hits (2001), Pure Shores: The Very Best of All Saints (2010) and their remix compilation The Remix Album (1998). The song is structured as a soul and R&B influenced song. Lyrically, the song talks about the girls feeling their first expressions after a sadden break-up, where the girls query what they did wrong in the relationship. The song received very positive reviews from music critics, where critics praised the groups vocal abilities and felt it was a strong highlight to the album. Some critics also listed on their best lists as well.To date, “Never Ever” is All Saints’ most successful single to date, peaking at the top of the charts in countries including Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, while it peaked in the top ten in countries including Ireland, Sweden, Canada, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Norway, Austria and the United States. As of March 2013, it is the second best selling single by a girl group of all time in the United Kingdom, only behind ” Wannabe ” by the Spice Girls.Two music videos were shot for the single, the European and Australian version, and an American version, due to the mass success in those countries. The North American featured the group in a church, while the European featured the group near a swimming pool and in their homes. All Saints won two BRIT Awards for this single in 1998: Best Single and Best Video.

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