Mood Indigo (Anouk)

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The tune was composed for a radio broadcast in October 1930 and was originally titled “Dreamy Blues.” It was “the first tune I ever wrote specially for microphone transmission,” Ellington recalled. “The next day wads of mail came in raving about the new tune, so Irving Mills put a lyric to it.” Renamed “Mood Indigo,” it became a jazz standard.

While Irving Mills_Jack Mills’s brother and publishing partner_took credit for the lyrics, in a 1987 interview, lyricist Mitchell Parish claimed that he had written the lyrics.

How to Learn The Piano Part

Popular piano teachers are increasing in numbers lately for the reason that demand for having the ability to practise rock music has also increased. Their traditional training doesn`t get in the way of instructing legendary pop tunes. If the idea of studying on-line, doesn`t rather cut it, see your preferred local music school or even musical instruments store. If you do not know a wonderful educator through word-of-mouth, your local music shop will give you suggestions on a wide array of piano music styles.

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