Marching Season (Yanni)

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Parades are an important part of Northern Irish culture. Although the majority of parades are held ostensibly by Protestant, unionist or Ulster loyalist groups, nationalist, republican and non-political groups also parade. Parading is often considered to be an assertion of a group’s control over a particular area, and as a result parading can be highly controversial. A Parades Commission exists to settle disputes about controversial parades, although not all parading groups recognise the Commission’s authority.

How to Learn The Piano Part

When you like to start out studying popular piano, remember that there’s still a big expense involved in investing in a new keyboard or taking new piano piano lessons. Save a great deal of cash download purchasing your method books as online material and by getting a keyboard as opposed to an acoustic musical instrument. It is so much fun to learn popular piano while you can impress your colleagues with tunes they undoubtedly know.

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