Los Angelenos (Billy Joel)

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There is a song by Billy Joel with the same name, made some 40 years before this album.Track listing Lavanderita” (Freddy Moore);On Mexican Time” (Freddy Moore);Westside Samba” (Freddy Moore);One More Time” (Freddy Moore);Happy Birthday” (Freddy Moore);Daughter of the Sun” (Freddy Moore);In California” (Freddy Moore, Dennis Peters, Richie Kohan, Loni Specter, David Lynch);Hands On” (Pete McRae);Prelude to a Southern Breeze” (Pete McRae);Southern Breeze” (Pete McRae, Lou Castro, Freddy Moore);Hollywood California” (Freddy Moore, Dennis Peters);Changing” (Demi Moore, Freddy Moore);Musical personnel Pete McRae: lead and rhythm guitars, lap steel, mandocello, mandolin, cello, voice;Peter Wingerd: piano, accordion, organ, clavinet;Dennis Peters: bass, vocal, organ, piano;Freddy Moore: lead vocal, guitar, mandolin, pedal steel, ukulele;Patrick Boone: horn arrangements, tenor sax;Paul Strickland: vocal;Richie Kohan: lead and rhythm guitar;Loni Specter: guitar;John Nyman: drums

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Long just before the days of the world wide web, one had to leave their apartment and generally made a big ordeal on getting to a shop to purchase written music. The benefit of owning music 24/7 should not be overestimated. Others still hated the idea of shopping for music from a music store, so these people just photocopied the scores from the library, but these people still had to leave their homes!

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