Lonely Is The Night (Air Supply)

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Air Supply is an Australian soft rock duo, consisting of British-born singer-songwriter and guitarist Graham Russell and lead vocalist Australian Russell Hitchcock. They had a succession of hits worldwide, including eight Top Ten hits in the United States, in the early 1980s. They formed in Australia in 1975 and have included various accompanying musicians and singers. They have sold more than 100 million albums. On 24 October 2013 the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) announced that Air Supply were to be inducted into their Hall of Fame on 1 December at the same ceremony as the annual ARIA Awards.

How to Learn The Piano Part

The biggest ordeal to overcome for a student is learning the structure of chords. You can find specific courses out there specializing in recognizing chord sequences and nothing else. The more time you are able to spend learning chords, the greater you`ll be able to without difficulty play your favourite songs.

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