Kissing A Fool (George Michael)

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“Kissing a Fool ” is a song written and performed by George Michael and released by Columbia Records in 1988.A ballad with minimal instrumentation and a jazz feel, the song was written about Michael’s insecurities as a soulmate and partner because of the baggage and reputation with which he came. According to Michael the vocals were recorded a cappella in one take. “Kissing a Fool” was the working-title for the album, which later was renamed to Faith.Aside from Michael’s vocals, the song employs piano, guitar, bass, drums, and a brass section. It was the sixth and final single to be released from the album Faith. It was also the least successful, making #18 in the UK Singles Chart and becoming the first single in five not to make #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the USA. However, it reached #1 in the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks and became a #5 hit on the Billboard Hot 100, remaining a fan favourite and being regarded critically as one of his most accessible and honest recordings. Kissing a Fool” was Michael’s last single for almost two years in the United Kingdom. It was later covered by Michael Buble on his self-titled album and released as a single in the United States and reached #29 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart.

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