Intuition (Jewel)

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“Intuition ” is a song by American pop singer_songwriter Jewel. It was released in May 2003 as the lead single from her fourth studio album, 0304. The song was written and produced by Jewel and Lester Mendez. Following the club success of ” Serve the Ego “, Jewel moved to a more pop-oriented sound with the release of “Intuition”. The song, which strays from her usual folk style with simple acoustic guitar instrumentation, starts off with a French accordion and then experiments with dance -oriented beats with subtle urban influences, using synthesizers.

The song achieved moderate success in the United States, reaching number 20 on the Billboard Hot 100. However, a number of Jewel’s fans criticized her for abandoning her traditional folk style in exchange for a new pop sound. After the song was licensed to promote Schick Intuition razors, Jewel was accused of “writing a song that tells us all to resist the total marketing mentality… and then licensing that song to a consumer products company for a huge sales campaign.” ;Despite the switch of sound style, the song is lyrically similar to her previous work. It has a number of references to popular culture, including mentioning celebrities such as pop stars Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, model Kate Moss, actor Charlie Sheen, magazines, film culture, and commercialism.

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