If I Told You That (Whitney Houston)

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“If I Told You That ” is a 2000 duet by American singer Whitney Houston and British singer George Michael (both was born in the same year, 1963). The song was released as the first UK single and the second US single from Houston’s Whitney: The Greatest Hits album. The song first appeared on Houston’s 1998 multi-platinum My Love Is Your Love album, where she sang it solo. George Michael’s vocals were later recorded and added to the song when it was being included on Houston’s greatest hits package.

In addition to adding Michaels’ vocals to the newer version of the song, the arrangement of the song was also modified, albeit only very slightly. The song was originally to feature Michael Jackson.While Houston performed the song in concert, the two never collaborated on a live version. Michael has yet to perform the song live at any of his concerts. Although “If I Told You That” was a hit, it did not appear on Michael’s compilation album Twenty Five.

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