I Want You Dylan (Bob Dylan)

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Dylan revisited the song in 1987 on a co-tour with the Grateful Dead, their version was released in 1989 on the Dylan and the Dead album.Contents;1 Lyrics;2 Chart performance;3 Covers;4 Footnotes;5 References;6 External links;Lyrics Sean Wilentz sees numerous failures documented in early drafts for the lyrics, “deputies asking him his name… lines about fathers going down hugging one another and about their daughters putting him down because he isn’t their brother”. Finally Dylan arrives at the right formula. The song’s sentimental aspect was partially, in a typically gnomish manner, explained in a 1966 interview: “It’s not just pretty words to a tune or putting tunes to words… [It’s] the words and the music [together]_I can hear the sound of what I want to say.”

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Not all piano teachers like the idea of training you only popular keyboard. Try and learn about as much traditional music when you can as knowledge of it will make you a more thorough and complete musician. Your performing of pop piano songs will improve tremendously if you’ll be able to find the energy and effort to study classical music alongside it.

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