I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houston)

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With production from Michael Masser, Kashif, Jermaine Jackson, and Narada Michael Walden, Houston’s debut album Whitney Houston was released in February 1985. Rolling Stone magazine praised Houston, calling her “one of the most exciting new voices in years” while The New York Times called the album “an impressive, musically conservative showcase for an exceptional vocal talent.” Arista Records promoted Houston’s album with three different singles from the album in the US, UK and other European countries. In the UK, the dance-funk “Someone for Me,” which failed to chart in the country, was the first single while “All at Once” was in such European countries as the Netherlands and Belgium, where the song reached the top 5 on the singles charts, respectively.

How to Learn The Piano Part

Numero Uno for starting-out soloists is the studying of harmonies. Print out a list of harmonies to keep as reference next to your keyboard or perhaps invest in a study course specifically intended to teach your chords and nothing else. Our internet site has some great information about harmonies you are able to use straight away to supplement your study of pop-piano music.

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