I Love New York (Madonna)

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It’s what the song is about not if you like the lyrics or not. Clearly it’s about loving New York. A song doesn’t have to have complex lyrics you know. I don’t love New York but i like this song. M clearly stated (before the record was even released) that it wouldn’t be a good idea to try to decipher any of the lyrics off of COADF because it’s a DANCE RECORD. she also said, ” well, who’s wants to interpret lyrics while they’re trying to dance?” so, this is why you should just enjoy the beautiful, genius music off of the incredible album.

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Long prior to the days of the web, one had to leave their apartment and occasionally made a big ordeal on getting to a shop to purchase sheet music. The benefit of getting music 24/7 should not be overestimated. Others still hated the idea of getting music from a music store, so they just photocopied the scores from the library, but these people still had to leave their homes!

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