Graduation (friends Forever)(Vitamin C)

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“Graduation (Friends Forever) ” is a single by American pop singer Vitamin C released in 2000 through Elektra Entertainment. It was the third single from her debut album, Vitamin C. The song is well known for being played at high school graduations and at some middle school promotions. The opening lyrics of “Graduation (Friends Forever)” allude to ” All the Young Dudes ” by Mott the Hoople. The song is heavily based on Pachelbel’s Canon in D, transposed to the key of C major.

How to Learn The Piano Part

Learn each tone of the keyboard in the middle register either through visually remembering them, or by studying to read from written music, this is your 1st step in understanding the best way to perform pop keyboard tunes. Learning to read music is a skill you`ll have to develop eventually either to read tablatures or perhaps written music, and can greatly allow you to prepare more strongly for performances. You’ll be able to also begin to comprehend chords faster as you`ll recognize the keys quicker, and give you a head-start with any keyboard training method. By study each day you develop super working habits made to build and build upon each and every new concept you study.

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