Good Day (Jewel)

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Jewel was discovered in August 1994 by Inga Vainshtein, a former Paramount studio executive, and Jenny Price, an A&R rep at Atlantic Records. John Hogan, the lead singer from a local San Diego (California, United States) band, Rust, called to tell Vainshtein about a female surfer who sang at a local coffee shop on Thursdays. Vainshtein and Price drove together to Innerchange Coffeehouse, and after the show they called Danny Goldberg, the head of Atlantic Records’ West Coast operations. Goldberg offered to pay for Jewel to record some of her songs. Price set up Jewel’s first studio recording session with Bruce Robb, who produced, engineered, and mixed her demos.[citation needed] The Robb Brothers had just produced The Lemonheads for Atlantic Records. Vainshtein became Jewel’s manager and was instrumental in creating a major bidding war, leading to Jewel’s deal with Atlantic Records and her subsequent appearance on the cover of Time, the first ever by an Atlantic artist.

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The masters of keyboard music for instance Billy Joel or perhaps Elton John have a particularly distinct gift for composing memorable tunes. Some tunes have touching words that speak directly to us, even though the voice of the vocalist may not be so enticing.

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