Fall For You (Secondhand Serenade)

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“Fall for You ” is a song by Secondhand Serenade, the solo project of John Vesely. It was the first single from Secondhand Serenade’s second studio album A Twist in My Story. The single was released as a digital download on January 21, 2008, peaking, after receiving a lot of airplay in summer months, in September 2008, at #8 on the Billboard Pop 100 charts and #21 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.The song debuted at number 27 on the Australian ARIA Singles Charts and has since peaked at number 19. The song was certified 2x Platinum in the United States by the RIAA.Music video A music video was released a week after the single was released. The video was shown on MTV’s TRL. It features John Vesely playing the piano and performing the song intercut with footage of Vesely with a woman.

They seem to be happily in love until he appears to show some insecurity, making her think he doesn’t love her when he really does. This results in a fight breaking out between the two of them resulting in her wanting to leave. In the end, however, she comes back to him. It appears to be a love/hate relationship, hence the lyrics ‘fall for you over again.Charts Chart (2008-09);Peak;position;Australian Singles Chart ;19;Canadian Hot 100;36;Japan Hot 100;65;U.S. Billboard Hot 100;21;U.S. Billboard Pop Songs;6;U.S. Billboard Adult Pop Songs;12

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The biggest ordeal to conquered for a starter is perfecting the structure of harmonies. Search on-line for a list of well-liked harmonies, there are actually an abundance of such databases for gratis over the internet . The more time one can spend studying harmonies, the better you will be in a position to without difficulty play your favourite tunes.

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