Cuts Like A Knife (Bryan Adams)

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Cuts Like a Knife is the third studio album by the Canadian rock artist Bryan Adams. Released on 18 January 1983 through A&M Records, the album became a huge commercial success in Canada and the United States whereas outside North America, the album did poorly. After the release of Reckless the album would chart on the British album chart and would later be certified Silver by the BPI. It was recorded at Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver, Canada. The album was a commercial success and sold over 2 million copies worldwide.Three singles were released from the album: ” Straight from the Heart “, ” Cuts Like a Knife ” and ” This Time “, the three were responsible for launching Adams into mainstream popularity. The album is regarded as one of Adams’ finest albums and of the greatest albums of the 80’s. The album was named the #48 Greatest Canadian Album of All Time by Bob Mersereau in his book The Top 100 Canadian Albums.

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