Can’t Stop Now (Keane)

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Because of the limited success Keane had at this time, Scott decided to leave the group a month after this single was released in order to continue his studies at the LSE. Before this, in November 2000, Keane had been invited by record producer James Sanger to his recording studio at Les Essarts, France, where the band recorded a number of tracks from August to November 2001, including “Bedshaped” and “This Is the Last Time”. It was during these sessions that the idea of using a piano as lead instrument began to emerge. Sanger received a shared credit for four songs that appeared on Keane’s debut album Hopes and Fears, including the song “Sunshine”, the only one composed there.

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Everyone can come to appreciate the masters of wonderful melody for instance Ben Folds or even Billy Joel. Oftentimes it`s in the lyrics that the magic of excellent music is released – visualize Louis Armstrong or perhaps Joe Cocker.

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