Bumble Boogie (Jack Fina)

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Jack Fina (August 13, 1913 _ May 14, 1970) was a bandleader, songwriter, and pianist.Known as “The Ten Most Talented Fingers On Radio”, Fina was born in Passaic, New Jersey, and educated at the New York College of Music and was a student of August Fraemcke and Elsa Nicilini. He started out playing piano in Clyde McCoy ‘s band sometime in the 1930s, but it wasn’t until he joined Freddy Martin _s band in 1936 that he gained real fame, when he was featured on Martin_s famous recording of ” Tonight We Love “.After leaving Martin in 1946, Fina formed his own 16-piece band. His first appearance was at the Claremont Hotel. The vocals were handled by Harry Prime and Gil Lewis.

With good air time and good recordings, Fina became a national figure. Because of this, Fina appeared at some of the top venues in the country, including the Waldorf-Astoria the Aragon Ballroom and the famous illegal gambling casino/night club in Galveston, the Balinese Room. He also appeared in several films, including Melody Time (sequence Bumble Boogie, 1948) and Disc Jockey (1951). A noted songwriter, his credits included Dream Sonata (his theme song), Chango and Piano Portraits.In the 1950s, he reduced the size of his band and settled in San Francisco. He also operated a talent agency called the Concerto Music & Entertainment Agency with his manager Al King. In the early 1960s, Fina led a small band at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where he remained for a successful eight years. It was also around the same time that he appeared, as a single, on Dick Sinclair _s television show.Fina died aged 56, from a heart attack during an engagement at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Sherman Oaks, California. He is buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Hollywood Hills.External links Jack Fina at Find a Grave

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The way to speedily learn tips on how to perform well-liked keyboard music is usually to really know your instrument, how the individual keys work, exactly where the pedals are, and exactly where the notes themselves are. Understanding how to read music is an glorious assistance to performers at the rookie level and having a touch of music concept as well will help you get well prepared for your next concert. Recognize chords considerably faster than you would without such knowledge. By practicing each day you develop super working habits intended to build and build upon each and every new concept you learn.

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