Book Of Days (Enya)

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The subsequent 1992 single version was bilingual, with new English lyrics, this version was recorded for Ron Howard ‘s film Far and Away, and scenes from the film feature in the video. The bilingual English-Irish version (2:56) replaced the original pure Gaelic version (2:34) on subsequent pressings of Shepherd Moons from mid-1992 onwards, making the original recording relatively rare.It was used as background music during the Medal Ceremonies at the 2009 IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Berlin.It was also used as temp track for James Cameron’s 1997 Titanic film in the cue called “Take Her To Sea, Mr.Murdoch” composed by James Horner.

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You will discover so many wonderful strikes that come to mind, for example `What a Terrific World` or perhaps `Ebony and Ivory` of which written music can now be easily accessed day and night. Some well-liked melodies is usually effortlessly arranged for piano and downloaded from various internet sources including common tunes from the Beatles, or even from individual performers such as Mariah Carey and Billy Joel. We love making effortless versions of piano music accessible to each and every novice around. Many secrets of learning to play piano are now accessible in the form of video tutorial lessons or even even for free on Youtube.

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