Blue (Barry Manilow)

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Money Jungle is a studio album by pianist Duke Ellington with double bassist Charles Mingus and drummer Max Roach. It was recorded on September 17, 1962 and released in February 1963 by United Artists Jazz. All but one of the compositions were written by Ellington, with four of the seven on the original LP being recorded for the first time on this album. Later releases on CD added eight tracks from the same recording session.The album was reviewed positively at the time of its release and subsequent reviews have remained highly favorable. Negative comments have concentrated on differences in playing style among the three musicians, brought about by the generational gap between Ellington and the others, and an argument that led to Mingus leaving the studio mid-session. Hundreds of musicians have been influenced by the recording, in particular by the freedom of individual expression within a small-group setting.

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An understanding of chords is essential when studying music of the well-known melodies genre such as rock and jazz. You will discover particular courses around specializing in recognizing chord behaviors and nothing else. Studying harmonies and chord sequences will promptly make your life less complicated when faced with the performance of any popular song on the piano.

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