Blackbird (Beatles)

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As children, he and George Harrison tried to learn Bourree as a “show off” piece. The Bourree is distinguished by melody and bass notes played simultaneously on the upper and lower strings. McCartney adapted a segment of the Bourree (reharmonised into the original’s relative major key of G) as the opening of “Blackbird”, and carried the musical idea throughout the song.The first night his future wife Linda Eastman stayed at his home, McCartney played “Blackbird” for the fans camped outside his house.Meaning McCartney was inspired to write it while in Scotland as a reaction to racial tensions escalating in the United States in the spring of 1968.

In May 2002, during a show at the Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas as part of the Driving USA Tour supporting the Driving Rain album, McCartney spoke on stage about the meaning of the song. KCRW DJ Chris Douridas interviewed McCartney backstage afterwards for his radio show New Ground, and the meaning of the song was discussed. This interview aired on KCRW on 25 May 2002.I had been doing poetry readings. I had been doing some in the last year or so because I’ve got a poetry book out called Blackbird Singing, and when I would read “Blackbird”, I would always try and think of some explanation to tell the people, ’cause there’s not a lot you can do except just read the poem, you know, you read 10 poems that takes about 10 minutes, almost. It’s like, you’ve got to, just, do a bit more than that.

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