Because I’m A Girl (Kiss)

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Kiss (stylized as KISS.) was a Korean female pop trio. Their debut single “Because I’m a Girl” was a hit in 2001. The music video stars actress Goo Hye-jin, and actor Shin Hyun-joon, which increased initial public interest in the song. The song remained a karaoke staple in Korea for many years.

How to Learn The Piano Part

The 1st step to learning pop keyboard, is to study the notes themselves of the piano and when to play each one. Studying to read music, is like learning words – it gives you the tools to survive the music world. It also assists you to you to comprehend fundamental chords should you go on to getting an on-line piano course or a piano educator. By practicing each day you develop super working habits made to build and build upon just about every new concept you study.

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