Aicha (Jean.jacques Goldman)

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“Aicha” is the name of an song written by the French singer songwriter Jean-Jacques Goldman. The title refers to an Arabic female name. The song was originally performed by Algerian rai artist Khaled. The original French single was never released in an album, though Khaled’s 1996 album Sahra featured a bilingual version of the song sung in both French and Arabic. The Arabic lyrics for the bilingual version of the song are written by Khaled. Khaled’s music video was directed by Sarah Moon.

How to Learn The Piano Part

Your keyboard educator may frown upon the idea of training pop piano in case they were very classical training, but do not worry. make an attempt to study as many classical music while you can as familiarity with it will make you a more thorough and complete musician. There’s still much value in understanding the structure and bare bone features of traditional music principle when studying common piano.

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