Learning how to play popular piano music makes you the hit of the party

Popular piano music means different things to different people. For example, your uncle may consider ‘popular’ to be Benny Goodman, the king of swing, while your children may feel it’s their favorite Disney sheet music.

Imagine the days before the world-wide web when people actually had to visit a music store to buy their popular piano songs and learn piano that way. Think back to those days when you had to find the right person who already had a particular song and then asked him to borrow or photocopy it. Now you have printable sheet music downloaded from the internet that saves your day.

Piano lessons in popular music are the most fun of all music to learn because we’re bound to have heard it played already, even if it was just background material while walking in a shopping mall. Imagine easily playing some of your favorite pop songs such as ‘Falling In Love,’ ‘And the Beat Goes On’ and ‘Sunshine’ which are a load of fun. Most pop songs have been transcribed for grand piano or digital/electric piano and sometimes into easy version so that the beginner can get started with them and some even have piano tutorials on Youtube to aid you in your piano practise. Search or browse through our site and peruse through hundreds of popular piano music files and information regarding how to download or listen to the hits instantly.

Note: Some people would not consider country sheet music to belong to the category of popular piano music, but for the sake of our site, we have included the songs of artists such as Faith Hill, Jimmy Buffet and Shania Twain in the pop/rock piano music category.

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Popular Piano Music

Your classical music teacher may find it difficult to teach you popular piano music hits by Billy Joel or Elton John. Classical training is nevertheless helpful to learn the numerous specialized mechanics or the basic building blocks of music which all piano instructors have (hopefully) mastered. Never underestimate just how much classical music can help you to understand the various elements found in all music such as melody, tempo, rhythm, etc.

How to Steal The Show

When it comes to birthday parties and other social events, you just can’t beat a pianist who can play popular tunes. Pop piano teachers are increasing in numbers these days as the demand for being able to play pop music has also increased – as have the demand for piano lessons which teach this music. Their classical training doesn’t get in the way of teaching famous pop tunes. One of the greatest methods of finding an ideal pop piano teacher is via a nearby music store or via the numerous shops which provide instructions for a wide range of genres.

There is a world of info online on discovering your favorite pianists and in teaching you how to perform popular piano music. For example, you can always download a quality course online and then browse through our site to find the pop piano sheet music to supplement it, saving you a ton of dough. Or, you can find hundreds of additional pieces of music to expand your repertoire.

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